Friday, January 23, 2009

To that womon

to that woman that I saw today, and yesterday, and some days before that perhaps, and who was sometimes hot, and sometimes not, but usually hot, more so from the side view, than from the front view, because of some features of the face, which are best viewed from an oblique angle, and present an awkward fancy from the perspective o' the crows' nest. 

One time when I first met her I thought she was a man, this was based on several evidences. 1) it was apparent, from the perspective o' the crows' nest, that she did not have any of the bosoms upon her chest, though this appraisal has recently been reversed, in light of further evidence, gathered when she was wearing a lighter shirt. 2) she seemed quite muscular, with a squareing upon the face, and the apple upon her neck, like a bulb, and features which were not of the distaff sex, however, this contradicts certain other evidence, which, being of a more discretionary nature, I shall not reveal here. 

And with whom I made "Small talk" for the first time to-day, and who was pleasant in demeanour, I learned, although not entirely engaged with the me, for inexplicable reasons. 

If I could sing a song for her it would go like this:

Bis zum Ende bin ich für Euch da Unsere Träume werden endlich wahr All die Zeit, die wir zusammen waren Wir sind bereit für ein neues Abenteuer Viele Gefahren lauern in der Dunkelheit Macht Euch gefaßt und seid zum Kämpfen bereit Wir sind ein Team mit uns legt sich besser keiner an Ihr seid meine Freunde Ihr haltet zu mir Wir besiegen die Dunkelheit Wir bleiben hier Wieder und wieder Wird es so sein Nur wir allein

And To that womon, whom I, on several occations, have conversed with, quite pleasantly, and who carries a pleasant demeanour, and who reminds me most pecularily of a womon of the days long gone, whom I never hit on, for she was "out of my league". And who is most unfortunately for me most attached to a gentleman, whom, I must admit, I have privately cursed, in the language of the Ancients, this is the song i must sing to you:

Ahí está 
Me llama ya 
Me va a llevar hasta mi hogar 
Aviva la llama 
Que me hace soñar 
Allá, donde regresaré 
Camino largo es 
Pero podré llegar 
A donde tu estés 
Yo llegaré 
Correr junto al rio 
Seguir siempre al Sol 
Volando, volando 
Alfín llegaré 
No puedo olvidarte 
Ya quiero volver 
Me muero por verte 
Y en camino voy 

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