Sunday, January 11, 2009

The gift of the magi

a strange dream of the nikolas

so like
i was walking to a place
i dunno where
and like i had at least 2 rolling suitcases 
or bags
and beheind me was some girls
there were 2 that were talking to each other
and like gossiping or somthing
and they were both pretty hot
and then one walked up to me 
but didnt say anything 
but she was staring at me
and with an angry face
and i was like
and she was like 
dude do i know you from sumwhere
and i was like
i dant think so
and she was like all staring at me all angsty like
so i was like wat high school did you go to
and she was like homestead or something
and then i was like what middle school did you go to
and i forget what she said
and i asked her if she was in cologe yet and she said no
and then we got to talking
and we like "hit it off"
except i wasnt me
like i was reall confidient
and mean
and i had a british accent
and then we passed by an arcade or something, like a big mall
and she was like ooh lets go in 
and i was thinking to my self,
i should not give in to her demands, because then i would not be
confident and mean anymore, and even though i was afraid i would offonse her
so i was like no, u can go in if u want
and it worked, because she was all like coercing me
and like pullin' on my arm, and i begrudgingly went
except now the arcade was her apartment
or something
and i found her name was the same as this girl i know from cologe
but she did not look like her
also she had a cell-phone
and like we played this video game on the computer
except i was really good at it apparently because i played it before
and then a while later
i was like ok we will be late for the thing
but i dont remember what the thing actually was now
and i saved the game, and walked outside, and i assumed she was following me
and then i got downstarirs, but she was not there
and like her friends and my friends were there
except i did not know who any of them were
and there was this guy , and his name was like
percival, or percy or something
and he was like 
She is dead!
oh no
i ran back up the stairs 
and i found her
she was hanged outside the balcony
and i thought she was dead
and i was sad, and i wept
but then she like was help me
and so i leapt out and like broke the rope
with my bear hands
except it was made out of like
paper clips or something
so it was really easy
and then i laide her on the bed and like
i had to recussitate her
with my mouth
and when she was alived, she was like
oh my
and like embarased
and i found some "Evidence" that percy tried to kill
her and like was frame me
and the evidence was like 2 ping pong balls
and some plastic wrappers
(it made sense at the time)
so i went to confront him, and
the polis was there and like 
everything was resolved apparently
and like i was talking to her again, except i knew
that i didnt have to be mean anymore
because she was like "into me"
and i didnt have a brititsh accent anymore
but i was still like confadant or sumthing
and then we were all playing some sort of MMORPG
and like our "Friends" were happy that we joined their guild or something
oh also like apparently after i saved her life the building exploded
because it was evil or something
and i became the "Great Hero"
and there was like a big spaceship hovering around
except it was an organic spaceship, with like
blood vessles

also there was another dream where i stole a car or something
and there was like this crime lord that had mind-control, and like a jet pack
it was really cool
but i dont remember it

also it was weird that i had a vivid dream beacuse as i was about to sleep i said to myself "no puedo soñar" which means i cant dream in spanish

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Cavalcadeofcats said...

That was quite something! I need to psychoanalyze you one of these days. This sort of thing seems like it'd be really easy to interpret.

The fragment of the other dream was quite amusing, in context.

Also: You speak to yourself in Spanish at night?