Tuesday, January 27, 2009



"Er. Okay.
Could that revelation have been a little less dramatic?"

"No. Look. When I went to the cafè just now, I saw this chick... and she was not as hot as usual, but ... that made her even hotter...do you dig me?"


"Okay. Look. I went down to the cafè. Do you dig me?"



"Um. Yes."

"Okay. Anyway. So I saw my this chick...and she was with this other chick...Do you dig me?"

"Er, no. Clarify?"

"Okay. Look. So I went down to the cafè...and I saw this chick... you know... and she was accompanied by another chick... Do you dig me?"

This went on for quite a while, neither party deigning to concede an inch of their margin, nor sacrifice a shred of principle for the sake of progress. Eventually, after tiring of this discourse, the parties settled upon some unclaimed tea-cakes in the drawing room, followed by cigars and whiskey.

"I think you are a good friend! I can't, though! I'm a Jew!"

The afflicted parties nodded in silence. Upon the conclusion of the debate, as is oft the custom of gentlemen in such quarters, they went upon the town. There, through a window stained with red light the parties surveyed a young prostitute.

"Women are humans of the female gender!"

"People kinda suck."

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Cavalcadeofcats said...

I feel... how to put it? Quoted out of context.