Saturday, January 10, 2009

Old Mr. Nicholoose

Who wouldn't like the idea of "ftwww" as a sound effect?

Old Mr. Nicholoose
he is a grump
and he bumps
into people
at the mall
people whom he knew during his college years
but whose names he'd forgotten by the time that he was Old
and he gives them nicknames based on the traits of theirs that he remembers
and they are like "wut"
and he says "Oh, you didn't know?
"We always called you that when you weren't around.
"But it was pretty much teasing.
"Not to make fun of you.
"It was ironic!
"Ironic is the word I would use.
"Ah, those were the days...
"Anyway, I should go.
"You should call me sometime!"
and then he would leave
before the person could inform him that the person did not have his telephone-number
but of course he knew that
because he did not have a telephone
because he grew up in a family with fifteen children
and the phone always rang
and it was always for someone else
but he always picked it up anyway
in the hope
that someone would care about him
(and express this care by telephoning him)
(even though he had never told anyone his telephone number in those days either)
(because no-one had ever asked for it)
(and he knew this)
(but he never gave up hope)

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