Friday, January 16, 2009

The Consortium of the Five Womons , pert I2

The Nikolas resumes His Lettre-Writting.

It reades:

CHAPTER III: The Siege of the Porte-City of Trafelger.

Upon retourning to my Bedchambres, after canvassing upon the Ice-filled pondes of mudde-shoales, at Tamberlane, and comsuming a draught of Fine Tonick at the Publick-House, I set about to prophesysing the correct Pathe of Action vis. The Womon Whom I had recentley met, and had musch Discourse with, whereupon, owing to her Kinde and Gentyle Nature, of which Disposition is Goode, and Cleane, and the Features of her apperence, which were in General, pleasent, and Hygenick, as set upon by the moste Recent standardes of the Bishope, who advocatèd the washing of the Body with Lye and Soda ashes, and the application of Linements, that, indeed, I did become most Enamour'd, and desir'd to co-habite with her, such that it may result in divers Pleasures, of which I shall not decry in this Lettre, lest it be confiscatèd by the Ofice of the Kings Regente, and sold unto the street, as ha-penny pamphlette, of which I am most Repuls'd, and Indignant. 

CHAPTER VI: The Battle of the Beaks.

Thusly, Shall I tell thee, did I go once againe the next Daye, to the same Tabernacel which I often Frequenet Early in th' Morn, and Saw, with mine eyes, the same membre of the Most Curious Organisation, and to my Surprize, another membre of the same Organisation, who was indeed as Pleasant to the Eye as was the Firste, adjasent to me in the benches where we tooke our Communion Wafres, her having pass'd it to me, whereupon she did express much Amusemente, and Good Cheer, which was Pleasant to Experiense. Never the Less, Having thusly been Distrackted from the Object of my Endeavours, was I wont to Leave the Tabernacle, and did I, feeling a Hungre most Foule, wondre upon the Local Tavren, where one may find Food stuffes of a Less than Pleasing Dispossition, and did I go upon the Queue, where we were to recief our Bread, and I saw, beheind me, a most Strange Fellow, the very same as which Mr. Féinbérg was most Curious to know of, and who Insissted that I describe in this Correspondance. This Strange Fellow, who was dressed in a Morning Frock-Coat, and a Top Hat, and Silk-stockings, and buckles upon his Bootes, and a Silver daggre upon his Mid-riffe, and he introduced Him self as Jonathan A. Kessler, thoughe he bade me call him the "Crazy-Catte", for was his most indecipherable countenence. Upon his arme, he had a most strange Devise, which was made of a Firmament of Wood-chippes, and pasted in a most crude fassion, Wedged to a Lever, and a Cranke, and which he Called a "Centro-Fuge", and which he related to me was Intended to be used for Medical Pourposes, and to Balance the Humours, However, judging his own Humours to be Quite fluctuatory, I was not wont to Enhearten to his Claimes of its suppernatrual powers.

CHAPTER IX: The Tyme of Growthe.

Having Resolved the Strange man who was in my Beheind, I turned my Attentions to the Front of my Personne, whereupon I identified, Having been accustomed to it by Then, A Third Membre of the Mysterious Groupe, who was verily as Comely as the First Two, and Cheer Full in Dispossition. How Ever, being Pre-occupied dissecting a Peice of Fishe at the Time, and not being able to Converse with her as a Gentle Man should, I declined to Acquainte my self with her, a desisicon which I immedietly Regretted, like a foul Miasma upon a Swampe, or a Vente of Sulphur upon the ocean Floor. The next Day, I rectified my erreurs, by Making sure to Accost her upon the Street, where the Hay-market was, and to intorduce my self properly, and to present her a favourable Impression, did I Emploi much humour, and japes of a Crude variety, and she Was most Impressed indeed, as was my Private Opinion. Never the less, as we entered the Publick Square, was she accosted by an Old Friend, who did proceed to make Strange, Ayrythimick poses upon her, Of which I thought were Most Ungainly, and Churlish, and Common. However, she was never the less receptive to them, and she Joined him on his Horse-drawn Carraige, and I was left in the Duste.


Cavalcadeofcats said...

Hooray, the crazy-cat! I have a tremendous fondness for his medical advice. (And his general description.) The highlight of the piece!

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