Thursday, January 01, 2009

nikolas-post II: The Epilous


Suddently our hero Nikoauls awoke up from his terible dream. And to think that he was only 2 metres from the baseline. Oh , well . He said to him self : "After that eximination I must go up to the girl and apologise for my barbaric. " . He went up to her after  school. And he said "hey baby . It looks like my bed is awfel cold at nite  , Let's us come in there toegther and be hot . " She looked at him with a disgusts . She said . "Okay" Just let me get my frock coat. And she trawmbled off in to the distiance. Nikolalaus went to bed very sad that nite , because he thought that he becavied poorly to the girl in question . Howver. Suddently, he heard a knowking song at his door. It turned out to be sher. She said. "I came as fast is I could. " Nikalas said,"that's what she said" But he didnt' say that out aloud. They retired to the bedchambre . Happy end ! ! !

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Cavalcadeofcats said...

This was even more Zhang-like! What a marvelous way to start off the year.