Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Master of Science

Dr. Zhang, MASTER OF SCIENCE, settled into a fighting pose. "WOH-PAH!" he shouted, jabbing both fists into the air. "WHO WILL CHALLENGE MY MASTERY?"

A challenger arrived!

"What?" Dr. Zhang asked, drawing back in surprise and dismay. "IT YOU!"

"Yes," the newcomer agreed, cackling a vile laugh. "It is I - Dr. Wernher von Jughashvili, who competes with you for tenure and grant money!"

"Ha!" Dr. Zhang cried, regaining his courage. "I shall readily master you, Jugashil... Jughasil... JUGH! For I am a MASTER OF SCIENCE!"

Then they went to their respective laboratories. It was time for the competition that would determine the course of FATE. It was time to send in research proposals!

"Oh," Dr. Jughashvili said, reading his mail a month later. "They turned me down. Dang."

Another victory for the MASTER OF SCIENCE!

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