Thursday, January 01, 2009


David Zhang: 1. Two posts a day, every day; just as the ancients might have wished it!

Nicholas Feinberg: It was more of a hope than anything else.

Nicholas Feinberg: I am planning to post some-time tonight.

Nicholas Feinberg: But I did not anticipate achieving that goal _on my own_.

Nicholas Feinberg: You must blag, too!

David Zhang: ok

David Zhang: what should i blog abou

Nicholas Feinberg: love

Nicholas Feinberg: and

Nicholas Feinberg: a nikolaus

Nicholas Feinberg: and

Nicholas Feinberg: msr. ballos

One day there was a nikolas , he lived in a house. a nikolaus-hous . Then he was assaulted 비 비 beard. bears. whoa, there is only a 1-lettre diference , I bet you didn't know that ? 페닛

Who was mrs. ballos ? ? I dont know , I guess he was a a hot womon.  O, maybe she was that girl from the nikolas-school that he always has sex with. or he talks to her a lot , one or the other.  

Ok ok, so one day a nikolaus was in school, in his dormotory. He went to bead extra early because he had an eximanation the next day , of his orifices. So he was in bed at like 5:00 p.m. Suddently he was awake by a terrilbe crash. it was the sound of the door knowcking. He got up and looked to see was who wat the door.  It was that girl that he sometimes talked to , it was a nikolaus victory. ! ! She said to him him, my bed is so cold at nite , Let's us come on into you'rs and be hot  ;) So he said, "Okay" and they did that. Then She said, "Well we are in here already we should have sex." So he "Okay" He licked himself in sordid anticipation. 

He was about to for the 1st time go up to her and have sex with her , he stepped up to the plate, and was 3 metres away from the baseline. Then he was assaulted by bears, beards, and bear-beards. the end

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Cavalcadeofcats said...

This was a very Zhang-like post - but more educational!