Monday, January 05, 2009

Day of Malaise

This is what happened to a Nikolas yesterday!


9:15 PM: Re-entered his suite-haus, meeting three fellows playing "beer pong" in the common room. One of them - "Eric" - remarked with surprise on meeting the Nikolas - "Chronicles of Desmond, right? That stuff's great!" Hm.

11 PM. Attempt to sleep.


1 AM: Wake up. Drink water. Sleep.

4 AM: Wake up. Drink water. Sleep.

5 AM: Wake up. Eat a handful of stale Triscuits to try to curb gnawing hunger. Vomit. Vomit again. Eat Ritz-crackers. Sleep.

8:40 AM: Wake up. (Woken by iPhone alarm.) Go to the bathroom. Find self locked out of room.

9 AM-11 AM: Lie on couch in common room, drink water, shiver with fever and strange aches. (Aforementioned Eric provides invaluable help; medicine, water, french fries.)

11 AM: Let back into room by helpful college-admin-student-person.

11:30 AM through 4:30 PM: Lie in bed, rocking back and forth; occasionally self-administer Tylenol.

4:30 PM: Sleep.

7:30 PM: Wake up. Rush over to visit cafeteria (opened at 5 PM) before it closes. Eat most of a hot dog, then throw it up outside. (Mortifying; no-one saw, thankfully.) The first thing resembling a meal for the Nikolas in more than 24 hours.

8 PM: Purchase supplies at general store: Advil, more Tylenol, sodas, crackers and toaster-pastries. Retire again to bed.

What a lovely day, eh?

Today's been much better!

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Calvacadeofcats said...

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