Saturday, January 17, 2009

Activities for the Birthday of a Friend.

Dear Reader,

At this academic institution, I have made a number of friends. One of my dearest friends, one J. Hayes, celebrates his birthday today - this very day! He is out of town, traveling with a lady-friend - or so I understand. (I do not know the lady myself.) Some of his friends came over tonight, unexpectedly - they wanted to make his return a joy for one and all!

A most admirable joy, and one I thoroughly endorsed - as did all my other suite-mates. Though no one of us could match the efforts and enthusiasm of the lady-friends, each of us worked to help in our own way.

We covered the mattress. We covered the pillows, we covered the bed. (Then we covered it in shaving cream - a revenge for past offenses!) We covered his clothes, we covered his rolling-stand, we covered his entire closet. His laptop, his chair, his... well, everything we could get our hands on!

I myself was only involved in a small part of this - the work was divided among nearly ten people, and I was occupied with this fine blago-institution for a significant portion of the time - and still the things I saw covered... nearly endless in number, it seemed!


The guitar, which was filled with toilet paper, covered in toilet paper, placed in its case... which was then covered in toilet paper. (The bow was a nice touch.)

The bicycle, which had its front wheel removed, its frame and handlebar covered in toilet paper, its seat removed, placed on his desk... and covered in toilet paper.

And, well... the bed!

A most joyous occasion for all involved. We are told that the honorable Hayes himself will return at 2 AM. It is only to be hoped that, at such an hour, he can appreciate what has been done for him!

(Also, that someone will be kind enough to help him make his bed actually usable again. You know. For his birthday.)

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