Friday, January 02, 2009

Diaries of Sir Arthur McKinsey, Pt. VI

Diary Entry on the night of February the Fifth, the year Eighteen Seventy-Five Anno Domini.

Dear Diary,

A brief entry now - after my writings of last night, I have little energy to spare for this journal! Still an occasion occured such as might I well note. Per arrangement made via tele-gram, the lady of whom I have written before made a social call upon this household. To my surprise, she came accompanied by another lady - one largely unknown to me!

The dog greeted them, as is his habit - the lady greeting her as affectionately as always. We spoke briefly, the item which I had lent her finally being returned into my possession. We held somewhat more in the way of conversation, briefly recapitulating our respective vacations. Then, awkwardly, we parted ways, the lady and her companion never setting foot within my town-house. (This was an oversight on my part.)

So, little to say, but I felt it warranted recording nonetheless.

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