Saturday, January 24, 2009

GLaDOS and the Swan

Geoffry had a problem.

He had no shirt!

He had pants - quite lovely, his mother had bought them. He had socks and under-wear and shoes, and even a jaunty hat. But he had no shirt!

He was very perplexed as to what to do about this. So he turned into a bird.

It seemed the simplest solution.

Thing is, he'd been reading Leda and the Swan (very NSFW), and was a big believer in "art imitating life", and... well, it could have been very embarrassing for everyone involved.

Luckily for everyone who didn't want to have an unfortunate incident with a swan, the first woman Geoffry ran into after becoming a bird was GLaDOS, a malevolent, possibly insane artificial intelligence!

"Stay away from me," GLaDOS advised," unless you would like your breathing apparatuses to be flooded with deadly neurotoxins."

Geoffry was very confused. This isn't what he'd expected at all! He really wasn't sure what he was supposed to do here.

"hsssssssssss," GLaDOS noted tactfully.

Geoffry gave up on the whole thing as a bad job and went off to be a bluejay.

And that's the story of how GLaDOS saved Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

(Or close enough.)

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