Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Words of Wisdom

As the nikolas drifted by on his cloud, he whispered, like the wind, "...the cawing sheep have trouble with a cicada infestation. They call in an expert to sort things out... but the expert is... a womon. Gasp!"

And I turned around, and behind me I saw, just like he said, a rolling meadow, covered in sheep, which were cawing delicately, but with swathes of black cicadas hissing up tarry black plague upon their wool.

The shepherds were baffled at the infestation, so they called the doctor of sheep, in Birmingham, who was hot, and wore minimal clothing, and who was a womon, and that did know many things.

But that story is not interesting.

So the Nikolas drifted by again, on his cloud, of gold silk, and he said, "Also, you should blag about your travels."

So like one day was coole. I went to class, and like it was sort of interesting. Then I went to cymistry class, and it was cool because there was like people talking about their research, and there was this russian lady, and she had like a cool accent, but I could not understand what she said. Then there was this guy, and he gave a cool presentation, except his laser pointer was really bright and it blinded me many times, and he showed us really cool stuff, like there were molecules that "walk" around on things, and his name was actually Professor Cool, but I think it was spelled differently. And then I was going to talk to them about research, but a womon dashed out of there really fast, so I had to follow her, and like I asked her what she was doing later, but she was "busy" again, and I was sadde. Then a cool dude came up and talked to her, so I run back to the class room, but prof. Cool was gone. Also I was sad because I did not talk to the professour about researches. And it reminded me of a movie that I had seen a short part of, the other day, about this dude that goes into the airplane without telling this womon that he love her, so he run through the airport or something. 

And then the omnibus came, and I did not realise it was so far away, so like I was going really fast hoping I was not late for it cuz it was the only way to get to the airport. So I missed the bus. That was not fun. It was ok though, another one came in like 5 minutes. Also it was supposed to have wi-fi but it was broken so that sucked. They showed "Indiane Jones" though , which was cool. The ride was 3 heures long, though, which was not cool. But I sat next to a hot womon though, which was cool. But I did not talk to her, though, which was not cool.

And it came to passe, that the Omnibusse did arrive at the Porte, at Boss-towne, which was large, and full of clipper shippes, that did carry much cargoe, and passengeres, and I, being afflicketed by many wonton exitationes and motiouns of the stomache, did go to a locale marchant stande, which was named "The Kinge of Burgeres" and it tasted foule, of the streetes, but it was fyllinge, and I ate, in haste, and with relishe, and I saw a couple, which were Orientale, but they spoke in a toungue of the Hispanicks, which both pussled and perturebed mea, and it was goode. And did I goe throughugh the Gates, which were fortified with twentie of the Kinge's Men, and was I stripped downe, and mine weapones examined, and did I swore an oathe that I was a goode Chrisitiane.

And then I saw a comrade, from the university, whom I knew briefly, and I discussed worldly matters with him, and I ate yoghurt, which was tasty. And it turned out that he comrade knew the womon that I tried to hitte upon in the university, and I considered asking him for ad-vice, but I was afeared of him. 

Then I came upon the great aero-plane, and there were screens in the seats, and they had tele-vision shows, and I saw a most wonderful show, except I felt great nauseas, and it was not counfroutable. Also I saw next to a hot womon, which was kind of cool. 

Then I went home. It was cool. Total travel time, about 12 heures.

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Cavalcadeofcats said...

Shame about the nausea! And doubly so about not getting to talk to Professor Cool/your professor about the research. Both are a shame.

I liked the bit about the "King's Men". Also, the cloud of golden silk. I should get one of those.