Friday, November 07, 2008

Assorted Thoughts

Nothing especially coherent tonight; just thoughts on things I've done and/or will do.

I've been reading a fantasy series - Amber, by Roger Zelanzy. Just finished the first book. (Of ten.) It's remarkably good, especially considering its age. Starts with a bit of a cliche - amnesia - but then has an unusual take on it. (That's poorly phrased. I want to avoid spoilers, of course - for a decades-old series!) My father read this series when he was growing up, and he encouraged me to pick up the collection. He was quite right.

Was at a club meeting earlier tonight. The "Facebook Chat Group", which is part of the Computer Science and Engineering (club). It's basically the worst organized group ever - it started out trying to make a Facebook IM plugin, as the name implies, but that went bellies-up first thing. All our time is split evenly between trying to find a new goal for the group and getting distracted.

Great fun, mind you.

At the meeting, we were having a discussion about laptops - Macbooks, mainly. (Completely off topic for anything club-related, of course.) I mentioned that I'd read an article claiming that the "Apple markup" was a myth. One of the people in the conversation cried, "No!", and spent the next fifteen to twenty minutes looking up the numbers to prove his case, with the rest of us watching and advising. All geeks.

Geeks without a problem to solve: nothing more tragic.

Walked into my suite's common room today, on the way to that same meeting. There were three girls in there, who looked vaguely familiar - probably from the suite across the hall. Two of them were playing FIFA 2006 while the other watched. As I walked across the room, one of the girls playing complained, "This is really stressful!"

FIFA 2006 is the single most played game on the suite's Xbox. My suitemates are obsessed with it.

I think that's enough rambling for the moment. Thanks for reading, faithful blagofriends!


mr sex said...

you are so lucky to live with girls

Cavalcadeofcats said...

Across the hall, man. It's not the same.

Kelsey said...

My immediate reaction was to spend five to ten minutes looking up numbers to disprove his case, of course.

As a member of a Game Developer Club, I highly recommend the practice. We are issued challenges and we live up to them and we show off our living-uppings. It is easy and very fun and it lends itself very much to collaboration! You should make a Facebook game (or a Game Maker game) is what I am saying.

(What? Not Halo? weeeird)