Sunday, November 09, 2008

On my Honourable Collegue's Sex Meeting

It is true that a man, his name being, perhaps but not certainly, Zhang, has had the tendency, on certain occasions, but not all, these occasions being discriminated by, largely, a certain intimacy, or lack of intimacy, but not an overly great loss of intimacy, such that the spirit of the evening/other social occasion would be lost, gone to meetings, get-togethers, assemblies, reunions, parties, karaoke conventions, battles, skirmishes, small wars, small countries, and Tokyo, for purposes varied and many. Tonight - that being the night of November the Ninth, in the year Two Thousand and Eight after the reputed birth of Jesus H. Christ (in actuality, more likely to be two-thousand twelve to two-thousand fourteen years anteceding that date), the 2454779th day of the old Julian calendar, or the 11th of מַרְחֶשְׁוָן in the year 5769 - the man, who may or may not be known as Zhang, went to such a meeting.

It was a sex meeting.

Now, there were at least two sexes present at this meeting; that number being a common one for many purposes. (Some maintain homosexuality, bisexuality, transsexuality, asexuality, etc etc, as being wholly different sexes; for the moment we will disregard them, this being no reflection on their general merit or lack of merit.) Both sexes took equal part; none were neglected, or neglecting. It was a time of warmth and human love for all present.

The Zhang - who may or may not be the man who was present - claims that there were no orgies at the "sex meeting". Readers are invited to draw their own conclusion on the truth of this notoriously deceptive man's claims - who may not have even been present!

Earlier, a man - who may or may not have been either the man present at the sex meeting or Mr. Zhang - met with a person of the opposite gender, to whom he referred as a "womon [sic]". They did chemistry homework. The man returned home feeling "used", but he had a good time while he was doing it. If you know what I mean.

(Their chemistry was spontaneous under conditions of negative entropy - if you catch my meaning. It was exothermic, eh?)

(Let's just say this - he told her that he would "complete her valence shell", and she swallowed it.)

(If you know what I mean.)

Remember, dear readers: tonight is International Levy Vile Slanders/Libels Against Females With Whom David Interacts Day! So's tomorrow. And the rest of the year. And next year, too. 2010's a toss-up.

Could be. Just have to keep on hoping.

Happy birthday, David! (In the red-shifted Julian calender!)


mr sex said...

sir you are quite a sick, and depraved, and discheveled, and disliiusioned man

Kelsey said...

that was possibly the best thing ever