Tuesday, November 04, 2008

On United States Elections (2008)

This is the first (national, US) election since this honourable blag was founded. It seemed appropriate to comment.

As of this writing, it seems that Barack Obama, and of course his good friend Joseph Biden, have won the contest. The next president of the USA will be a Democrat and a black man.

That seems like it could be pretty nice.

He is, of course a, a politician - and all politicians are untrustworthy and treacherous. This is no accusation - simple fact. Therefore, it seems appropriate to put him through a series of hypothetical challenges. Should he, hypothetically, read this blag post - which of course he will, being an avid reader of the League's works - it will be incumbent on him to consider the issues carefully and respond in the comments.

1) Oil becomes increasingly scarce and pricey; international relations become red-hot. Canada invades Alaska. What do you do?

2) Same as above, but without the Canada thing. Instead, Iran, claiming that the US has become too feeble to protect its interests abroad, invades Iraq and nukes Israel. Israel responds by nuking Iran and invading Syria. India and Pakistan start nuking each-other, and North Korea nukes itself. (They needed a bit more time for testing.) Vladimir Putin and Hu Jintao are both hold. What do you do?

3) bin Laden launches his long-planned masterwork, a terrorist attack worse than 9/11: Snakes on every plane. What do you do?

4) This.

5) An initially serious blog post becomes increasingly bizarre, and then turns into a series of xkcd references. Try to salvage it, or just publish the mess as it is?

Hooray! Elections!