Friday, November 21, 2008

King Nikolas

My anger is terrible and vast.
Calm me down with a soothing tale.

i will tell you a story  
of king nikolas 
he was the king of a small country
in africa 
and there was a spider-man 
in the buches 
who liked to steal the childrens gruel 
and eat it up in the buches 
and the children was very sad because they liked to eat their gruel in the morning 
so the villegers went up to king nikolas 
and told him of their perrils 
so the king went to the vellage 
and waited in the night until the spider-man came out of the bus 
in the moon-lite 
the spider man took his web, and he wrapped up all the greul in it 
and sneaked into the buches 
king nikolas said 
aha what a trisckster is he 
but i know how to catch him 
so the next nite 
he went into the coocking room 
where there was gruel 
in the sotove 
and when the spider man came onto the place 
he put some isotops in the guel 
and so when the spider man come to eat them 
he could track it with his radoiactive tape 
so he kill the spider man 
in the bush 
with a big rock 
and the vilagers were happy 
so they gave king nikolas 
a gold rock 
and a staff 
and then he became 
a moslem 
and his name was 
mansa musa 
the end

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Cavalcadeofcats said...

It really did help calm me down!