Thursday, November 27, 2008

Noah the Omnipotent

His power is unbounded; his knowledge all-encompassing. His strength is that of mountains, his wisdom greater than that of the Oracle. His name: NOAH.

Into this world he came two and a half years ago; yet still in majesty and grace he surpasses all others inhabiting it. He is the scourge of tyrants, who toss and turn at night, dreading his coming; he is the hope of all who are oppressed or afraid.

This is a tale of the actions of NOAH.

There was once a city, known to its inhabitants as Sacrament. But its character did not match its name; its people were dark and depraved, its nights dark and filled with terror.

This was a thing NOAH could not abide. Into Sacrament he strode; with each step, the ground was made to tremble. The people cowered before him; with a mighty hand, NOAH took the Jews out of Egypt. Wait! No. He cast out the depraved, the vile, the unwholesome, with justice and an impalcable firmness. With one hand, he cast away drug dealers, gangsters, and common thieves. With the other, he flung away corrupt politicians, scam artists, and televangelists. These two were not separated, nor were they divided; they were left to their own devices, to make their own lives heaven or hell without troubling the innocent.

Now the innocents of Sacrament were untroubled by the corrupt and vile. NOAH spoke unto them, bidding them to forevermore follow the law of the righteous, and obey ever the golden rule, so that never again need NOAH come to their city; to him they swore it. Then NOAH departed, justice done.

That is the way of NOAH.

(A photo may later be appended to this post, to clarify.)

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i trambled in his wake