Friday, November 07, 2008

xkcd & me

Yea, did the Nikolous had a great adventure to-day, but for the facte that it was not indeed the Nikolous, who did the deeds, but his accomplise, the sage of the nighte, the lagomorphic batte, the king of pickeles, etc. And this is how it begane. Yea, did he sauntere down the cobbled pathe towards the immense lectorium by the school of the engine-makkers, and yea, was there a queue that stretched from out its gates, as the nile flows in the dessert, and he enqueued him-self, and was it hotte, and stickie, and he entered the building, and there were merchantes stationed in stationes, such that they distributed balles of many colours, that were made of plasticks, and filled with hotte aires, as in this encountransse, and we were partooken of them, and henceley, we satte in the seats, which were more comfourtable than the ones we were used to, for they were for the priviliged elites, the plebianes, and slaves. And yea, the ceremony started, and a goat was sacrificed, and then a womon, who was of a pleasing disposition, and nubile, and a scholar of the artes, did remarke of the gravitie of the event, and it was good. 

And then, by the grace of God, the sky cracked open and out spilled the man, him self, mssr. monroe, and they were instructed to bombard him with the gaseous spheres, as is the custome in his presentationes, and they did thus, like artillerie fired from the cracks of a thousand cannones, he did speak, and they were enthralled, such that they expelled bodily fluides, and applaud himme thounderously, and he spoke for a hour, and longer and it was brilliante, and the heat became stagnant, such that foul odours radiated from the populace.

And yea, behold, the ceremony did finish, and the populace evacuated, and the man did pick up a forlorn ball on the stage, as did many others, and pilfered them. And he tried to exit, but the pathes were clogged, such that he did become quite unskilled at navigation, and he wound up in several darke alleywayes, such that he was strucken with grave fear, and it was good.

And it came to passe, that, in the course of human eventes, there was a gathering, in the great hall, and yea, there was electronick games, oft those described in this, and in this. And yea, there were competitiones, thusly, that dictated the skilles of menn, thusly, and thusly. And there were many ladies, and gentle men, who did wear the costume of the occasion, and there were divers hattes, and tron paule, and men with signes.  Yea, and twas was a matter of course that a young womone would dress in a manner, and it was gleeful, and a mssr. paul did solve the cube, and there was rejoicing.

And yea, there were fruits of the labour, and they are thusse:


Cavalcadeofcats said...

I saw the un-censored version of the first photo. It's really the two of them, in one place!


Kelsey said...

dude you luckman