Friday, November 14, 2008

The matthew supprise

David, of the Ghie, or son of Ghie, or gah.

So happy belated birthday or something. Also, sorry to hear about the womon ( the foreign exchange one) being married and stuff. That sucks. It's probably too late to give advice about whether or not to go to the lunch thing, but I'd say go for it, it'd be good womon practice, and if you totally effed[crossed out] of up, it wouldn't matter, since she'd be gone in 2 months anyhow. But if you didn't it'd be nbd. Again, if it's not moot point already, do ahead and E-mail her, it'd be good practice or something. [crossed out] Keep hitting on the womons, you'll probably get better in time. But if one says yes, don't go and be a pimp, lolz. [crossed out] Keep it pure as well, don't have sex, that'd be impure. Or something bad. I guess. Yah. 

What's the name of your old home town? That'd be weird if I served there. It'd be, like, wtcrap? [crossed out]Like, if it's really close, it might be in my area, we cover Grand Island and North Tonawada as well, lolz.

The Mormon Missionaries would be some totally rando[sic] dudes, but ok, I'll try to send you a DVD via mail, but if you ever are interested, [crossed out] just tell me, and random dudes will go forth. But yah, I think I'll send the DVD about Joseph Smith, all of our other ones are stupid. except this one about Jesus, that's pretty good too. It probably will get there in a monthish. 

I didn't baptise a hot girl, because she was like 8 or 11 depending on which one you're talking about and I didn't see her naked much less have sex with her. Ew. [crossed out]

I don't really get thanksgiving off, and even if I did, unfortunately we're not supposed to see family or friend while we're out on a mission. Which really sucks.  [crossed out]

I doubt I'd try to re-establish contact with the womon who told you to basially[sic] (mormon censor) off. I sort of doubt she'd come around if that's what she basically told you, sry. But I'd probably try to keep hitting on other womons who are hot. 

Pr0n, cigarettes, or strip clubs I doubt'd be good.

Mormonics aside (well, sort of. Not really at all, actually) we are teaching  [crossed out] this guy who's über interested it seems like, he came to church and met with us a lot this week, so that's cool. In general, stuff's been picking up lately. Less door-knocking, more teaching people, which is so sweet for missionaries, especially around here. I think that's about it that's new on my end. 

So Mormonics seriously aside, how's the college life been? Did I tell you that I was playing a trivia game, and we had to guess "snobby colleges," and Dartmouth was one of them? I think I did, oops. But anyhow, Does the League stay in touch pretty well? We were fairly online before. I'm curious how much of that internet correspondence stayed after we all parted ways. I hope it fairly maintained, that'd nice to be able to E-mail ya'll[sic] when I get home. But I digress. On to the interprative[sic] art.

Interpret as you wish, 


Elder Skowbo

P.S. Penis

PPS Look up "Canadian Middle Finger," it's supposed to be some monument that they put up after we tried to take all of Niagra Falls and failed. I've seen what's supposedly this Canadian Middle Finger.

Me ad Angus. Companion at the time in mirror. That wasn't intentional. Creepy.

Me with the family about to be baptised. Kish Family. The two guys with ties are Art Crater (supporter of Ron Paul ;) lolz), local missionary leager, and Robert Johnson, Branch President (local mormon congregation head). The black guy is my first companion Elder Beta. The Dad is Rick, and the kids are Cecil and Selena. Party.

Me at Niagara Falls. Random Lady. American/Bridal Veil Falls in BG. Canada on left. "Rainbow Bridge" connection them.


Cavalcadeofcats said...

Nice photos. But - Mr. Zhang! For shame! Calling the 8-year-old "hot" indeed. (Or asking about it.) Your propensities never fail to astound and dismay!

Thanks for typing all this up, it's quite impressive.

Desmond said...

What's with all the "[crossed-out]" marks?