Tuesday, January 29, 2008

SAVE THE BLAG DAY 2: Mr. Singe Is Evil

Now, Mr. Singe, being the evil little gremlin he was, hatched an evil little plot - to throw the world into chaos! (Iss. 598) He shortly adjusted his sights downward, but nonetheless, his evil was palpable.

He stole candy from babies. He popped party-balloons with pebbles - at birthday parties! He forced horses to drink - until they passed out. This was the measure of Mr. Singe's evil! So very evil.

In other places, he was more creative. He planted a bomb in a peaceful household - scarring them forever!. He traveled to medieval Isselunde and replaced a delegate's gift to the new king with grass jelly - forcing him to improvise, and driving the king mad! He even traveled into the late 1940s, and started a human sacrifice cult. Mr. Singe's evil was not limited by space or time! This is because he was both a small purple monkey on a hat and a spike cut from the head of the source of all good. The quantum flux allowed him to flicker backwards in time! This is your technobabble for the day.

After a long day/week/aeon (depending on what timescale you're using) day's work, Mr. Singe sat back on his perch, high in the Mediterranean Rockies. (That's just how much chaos he caused.) He sighed.

"Boy, I sure hope Mssr. H. and his friends appreciate what I've done for them when they get back," he commented.

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King Kessler said...

I gave him like the biggest high-five ever.