Tuesday, January 29, 2008

SAVE THE BLAG DAY 2: Mr. Singe's Evil Plan

Once, there was a strange creature known as Mr. Singe. The primal beat of nature resounded in his breast (as described in Issue 592, loyal readers!), and he lusted for adventure - for conquest. But he was a spike on the head of Mssr. H., and as such, limited in his activities. But one day, Mssr. H. packed himself up in a suitcase, and traveled away - cutting himself in two to fit! (from Issue 594!) Mssr. H. was cramped for space as it was. So, to fit, he had to cut Mssr. H. from his own head! It was a sad parting, and both wept as they separated - but, for the first time in a thousand years, Mr. Singe was free.

Mr. Singe thought and plotted. What to do? He could conquer the world - but it had been done. No fun there. Plus, he might be destroyed by a band of courageous, plucky, rag-tag heroes. Far too dangerous. No, Mr. Singe would have to think of something different.

He could hide in the wilds - but no, that was too boring, and he would likely miss Mssr. H. when he returned. It was an even worse idea! Thankfully, its successor was quick on its heels - the idea of casting the state of California - no, the World - no, the Universe! - into chaos while he waited for Mr. H. to return.

Some adjustments might need to be made, Mr. Singe conceded to himself.

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King Kessler said...

I snuck into his office this one time and found his notes from the thought/plotting session. A whole lot of thought went into his decision!