Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Womon Tome

one fine day
I ventured into
one of the fine halls
of the lyceum
wherein there was much debates and debacles
on the universities
and other topics
and thusly, my comrade being there
to procure some official documents
for his voyage abroad,
(for he was to be a merchant marine)
and thusly I happened upon
a womon
she sat in the grand oaken lounges
of the parlour
smoking and savouring the whisps of life
and I, having obtained
a fine bottle of cognac for such an occasion,
spied some glasses by the embankments,
and I sallied over to fetch us some
for the wait,
I heard (quite inadvertently)
the discourse of the womon
and her compatriote,
and I became driven
with mad rage, and the fires of the damned
to utter madness,
but being a gentleman, my etiquette,
prevented a show of such foul behaviour,
and so I brought the cognac,
yet the womon did not become
alack at my presence
or cry "ho, a gentleman comes" anon,
and so, I,
wandered into the halls of the lyceum,
and to ponder the mysterious words
imprinted upon my bosom
for a time.


Cavalcadeofcats said...

That was the most unusual "mad rage" I have yet heard of.

Also, Mssr. H. is in the merchant marine? I should most appreciate it were he to acquire me some souvenir, a cannon-ball or sail or some-such - I plan to deliver unto him gifts on the morrow on any case, and a gift-exchange is never to be feared.

King Kessler said...

It was the worst mad rage ever! I could scarcely concentrate on my official documents.