Friday, January 04, 2008

He Has a Dream

Transcription of the dream of a friend.

I was underground, in the basement of a Nikolaus-house. It was very dark, like a dungeon. All of us were there. There were many shelves, all covered with bottled water. Nearby, there was a mountain of empty water bottles. The Nikolaus-father was talking to us, telling me that I should try tap water, except that it had too many minerals.

Then I was on a TV show - one that I watch often, featuring a host who travels around the world. Except that now I was the host. I was in a cave, in Taiwan. Except that the cave was a house. The only way in was a really narrow tunnel, that you had to crawl through. In the tunnel was a shrine. There was a man there, polishing it.

Then it was real life again, except that I was a foreign exchange student, checking out a dormitory-house. I was in the foyer, and there were other people there, two girls and a guy. One of the girls reminded me of one I knew, except that she was Taiwanese, not Japanese.

We went into a dorm room. I tried to turn on the light, because it was dark, and there was only one window, but I couldn't find the right light switch - there were many! The other guy turned on the light. Then I wanted to open the window, because it was hot.

I started talking with the girl, trying to flirt with her. She spoke with a French accent - she had grown up on an island south of France. She had come to Taiwan because of "matters of the heart", she told me - involving a Taiwanese guy who himself had lived in Spain. Oddly, as I spoke, I was simultaneously IMing with the girl on Adium - speech bubbles popped up as we spoke.

Then I woke up!

Possible endings for this dream:

- The Korean army invades, singing K-pop hits. I am enlisted into the navy to fight.

- I realize that I'm actually on my computer, and decide to play World of Warcraft instead.

- I flirt with the girl and woo her away from her love.

Ordered by probability.



Oldboy said...

I stink.

Oldboy said...

A lot.

Oldboy said...

Also, I need to remember to log out before I let people use my computer.

Oldboy said...

I think the Taiwanese girl shows that you think this chick is arrogant. Also, something concerning the water and what the Nicklousse father said took you to Taiwan. Perhaps he said something that enlightened you to how the mind of this girl works. Adium represents your connection to success with womons. Something that Nicklousse's father said gave you insight into the womons mind that "turned on a light" of hope for you. This potentially opened up the opportunity for success with a womon.

But what is the water, I ask? What is the water?

Cavalcadeofcats said...

The water is life.

King Kessler said...

Who is this mysterious dreamer-man?