Monday, January 07, 2008

A Real President

As always, our political candidates are sadly lacking. Every one of them is a politician to the core - corrupt, inconsistent, completely devoid of any principles that benefit America. And everyone is either partisan, and hated by the left or the right, or completely unknown to everyone outside their extended family. We need new candidates - candidates unsoiled by the political Hate Machine - candidates who can can lead us to a new, fresh America. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you:

This is the campaign ticket of tomorrow. Ooryl Qrygg: A Gand starfighter pilot, who (in the manner of his people) changes his first-person singular based on his self esteem! Every speech from him is a thriller - which pronoun will he use next? Corran Horn: Corellian starfighter pilot and ace detective! (Well... actually, not so much the detective thing, but it's cool. Also, he's something else, but I can't mention that. Trust me that he's cool.)

They have no stake in the partisan bickering of today. Their only concern is the good... of all of us. And with their advanced piloting skills, they can make the presidency of the United States of America a success.

Vote Qrygg/Horn in '08! You won't be sorry.

1 comment:

King Kessler said...

I recognized Gand as being a Star Wars planet! I wouldn't have expected that of me.

KOTOR again, I presume?