Monday, January 21, 2008

Mr. Red.

There was a man named Mr. Red. He lived in an arcology, far from his place of birth. Sometimes he became homesick, but he tried not to mind. This was Mr. Red.

Mr. Red lived with his partner, Mr. Brown, and his good friend, Mrs. Green. Their trade was in ideas, and stories, as were many others' in this arcology. Mr. Red's entertainments gained him many followers.

One day, Mr. Brown became very sick. He was not alone. Many others became sick, too. Mr. Red was not happy at all. He was desperate! His followers and his partner were sick. Some people were dying! This was not good at all.

Mrs. Green decided that things would not get better. She did not want to get sick. She decided to leave! She asked Mr. Red to come with her. Mr. Red refused! His partner was sick. Mr. Red had to help him! Mrs. Green left alone.

Mr. Red decided that there was something wrong with the arcology. Along with others, he investigated. But he could find no flaw in the ventilation or the food or the seals. Yet the disease was here! How had the autodoctors and the disease-hunters failed?

Boldly, he asked them.

"We have not failed," they told him. "This is our greatest success!"

Mr. Red hurried back to his quarters.

On his bed, Mr. Brown was emerging from the cocoon, new wings spreading wide.



mr. singe was singing

the whole time


Oldboy said...

that was ethan

King Kessler said...

This was perfect.