Thursday, January 03, 2008


Author's Note: This post is morbid, written in the late hours of the night. Don't read it.

0: A man was threatened, once.
10: He considered: Should he fight?
20: He thought about it, considered his values and goals and beliefs.
30: He did not fight that day; but now he knew when he should.
40: In his introspection, through the learning he already possessed, he knew balance.
50: When it was right to fight, he would. At other times, he would not.
60: Years passed. He never strayed from the path of balance, and earned triumph thereby.
70: His friends admired him, his children idolized him.
80: And then, through no fault of his own, he was hit by a truck.
90: His only escape could root from supernatural precognition, or death.
100: He chose the latter.

In conclusion: In a decaying universe, virtue and vice alike lead in certainty to death. What is important is what comes before death, and, perhaps, what follows after.

Unless you're an solipsist, in which case: Who knows?

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King Kessler said...

I read it and liked it! So there.