Monday, January 14, 2008


Following the previous story, it has come to this office's attention that the story given as an example might perhaps be inappropriate for some audience. We have therefore decided to withdraw our sponsorships from similar stories, that is, those including severe emotional damage and children. The next story will include none of that.

Petra laughed delightedly. "Why, you're quite a charmer, aren't you?" she asked her dining companion, the esteemable Mr. Wentworth.

"You flatter me, dear Petra," he told her. He took another swallow of wine, emptying his wineglass once more, and then told her, "If anything, it is you who are the charmer!"

They laughed together happily.

Mr. Wentworth whispered to Petra coyly. "Perhaps, my dear, you would find it convenient to spend the night at my domicile?"

"Perhaps!" Petra giggled.

Then a waiter approached the table. He pointed a stern finger at Mr. Wentworth. "That man," he declaimed, "is a liar!"

"What?" both Petra and Mr. Wentworth asked at once.

The waiter frowned. He slammed a card onto the table. "Your credit card did not clear, sir," he informed Mr. Wentworth. "You have attempted to defraud us!"

"I don't know if I can love a liar!" Petra declared, shocked. She moved away from Mr. Wentworth.

"It is all right," the waiter comforted her. He squeezed her on the shoulder. "It will all be fine."

Mr. Wentworth stammered, wringing his hands. "What... how..." Then he took a closer look at the card. "Why, this isn't my card at all!" he declared. "I don't know how that got there!" He pulled out another card from his wallet. "This is my card!"

The waiter, reluctantly, took both cards and retreated to the counter. With a frown on his face, he returned with a receipt.

"Now can you love me, my dear?" Mr. Wentworth asked Petra.

They rose and left, walking toward Mr. Wentworth's automotive. "I do believe I can!" Petra exclaimed. Together, they traveled to Mr. Wentworth's apartment.

This next section is censored for non-mormonosity (seriously - it is really, really, really NSFM*). The truly curious may find it with ease.

Once they arrived at the house, Petra slipped out of her tight, tight dress. Mr. Wentworth stripped out of his formal suit. They fell into bed together. Mr. Wentworth grew aroused quickly, aided by Petra's adroit manipulations of his member. She spread her legs and groaned, rocking back and forth as Mr. Wentworth enjoyed her pleasures. Soon both were spent.

It had been a grand evening indeed.

The end!

*Not Safe For Mormons


Anonymous said...

What was the point of that story? It was like, going somewhere, then it didn't, then they had sex.

Oldboy said...

it was so rad
yet disturbing at the same time
(when they made sexytime)
also woooo

King Kessler said...

Ethan has sex on his hair! :O

Cavalcadeofcats said...

It followed the "romance" plot, as I understand it (having basically never read romance):

1) Dude and girl meet, get along
2) Shock! Dude and girl separated!
3) They get back together.
4) (optional) Sex!
5) Happy ending!

I have a bizarre metaplotline going right now. It makes slightly more sense in context.

Also, Ethan has hair in his hair. There is so much!