Monday, January 28, 2008

Journeying and Suitcasing

My dear friend Mssr. A. and I were on a journey to the exotic East. Thereupon disembarking, we each opened our suitcases, only to find within each a half of our mutual friend, Mssr. H.

"You don't mind reassembling me, do you?" he inquired, and of course we, being gentlemen of the highest breeding, could do no-thing but oblige.

That accomplished, both Mssr. A and I had many questions. In an oblique manner, so as not to injure any feelings, we inquired of Mssr. H: "Why are you here? How did you manage to pack yourself so tightly without injury? Is it a general property that you are able to sever yourself in two without permanent harm?"

He declined to answer, however, so we (on his suggestion) instead proceeded to festivities of the most jovial sort. We did Blag, and Kelsey-Blag, and Instablag, and Travelblag, thereby transmitting the knowledge of our passage to the ancient West. Further, we traveled about the East, exploring the lands of Brotherly Love, wherein the custom of the "tail-gate" was found.

Finally, our task was deemed accomplished, and we did travel back home, packing Mssr. H. in our bags before departing. When we returned, however, we found something quite unexpected. Good companion Mr. Singe, friend to man and beast alike, had been set loose in our absence - and he had done something terrible!

Save the Blag Day 2 is to-morrow!

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King Kessler said...

In retrospective, the end part was foreshadowing! Zounds!