Thursday, January 10, 2008


There lived a panda in a bamboo tree.
It was quite small, and loathed by all its kin,
From passersby it would extort a fee.
For this its excuse was rather too thin,
though it offered protection, none saw threat!
with fire and spear the pandas came down,
through their yowling strikes the robber's end met,
and his plunder taken to funkytown.
In it the pandas spent their reclaimed loot,
Fearing to keep it, for it's evil's root!


King Kessler said...

Moral tales woo!

Worth noting is that this is not iambic, a mistake I'd made until my most recent pentameter-post.

Cavalcadeofcats said...

Can I get points for trying?

Also, I hate emphasis, in English, Hebrew, and possibly other languages. So that's my excuse.

King Kessler said...

You still get points for pentameter!

Also, :O