Sunday, January 20, 2008


Transcription of the dream of a friend.

i was like the manager of this big office building
and there was this girl who was like depressed of something

(but she was hot)
she reminded me of a womon who i saw
on a television show
and she was gonna jump off the ledge
but there were 2 companies in the building
they were rivals
and Korean
with similar sounding namesand they both thought the girl was a corporate spy or soething
for the other company
so they were like
all shouting the the corrididrrs
and i was there to try
to resolve
the dispute
but then
i saw that womon
and i made her come inside
and then
we tried to go downstairs
so we got to the elevator
and she was hot
and i was like
restraining her
but then
i was like
put my arm around her
and then the elevator was like
3 options
1 was go down
the regular way
the other 2 was
send an email
to the elevator
to say
where you want to go
1 was with
the gmail
and 2 was with
the yahoo
and then i tried
but they didn't work
and then this big black man came
and he tried to do the same thing
but it didn't work
so i try the regular one
and it worked
but i had to use some weird computer
to work it
and then
we went down
really fast
and i think
i kissed her
in there
and then
i woke up

The most obvious question, is, of course, what happened next? But, frankly, I think that's a little too easy. So let's ask a better question: What happened before?

1: The dreamer was contacted by a woman he had once known and recruited into an arbitration agency. His normal agenda, which might have led him to a job more suited to his interests, was suppressed by a desire to impress her.

2: The suicidal woman had suffered for years from a disease that most doctors refused to believe existed. Becoming less and less social, her state of mind provoked the confrontation between companies even as it provoked her own near-suicide. (Her willingness to be talked down should be ascribed to the dreamer himself.)

3: The black man is an agent of the KGB. His efforts to use the elevator represent his attempts to penetrate US national security. Until the dreamer's approach, he had attempted to use the elevator many times before, having gained entry in the first place through the actions of the Korean firms, of course representing the near and urgent threat of North Korea.

Any or all of these may be true. But beware: the wrong choice could ruin everything.

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King Kessler said...

These are cool! I can never remember my own dreams.