Friday, January 25, 2008

A Magic Time

there was a time
of the kelsey
he roamed along the swamps
and the caverns
in the cosifferous era
and he ate mosquitoes
with his serpentine forked tongue
and sipped cool waters from the streams
that ran along the valleys and the meadows
of the great land
and he grew his horns
and his claws
and one day
the spikes from out his body
grew together and coalesced
into one solid mass that was great
and manifold in its design and firm and steady
and this mass peaked into the heavens above
until the lighting struck it ten thousand times
and the colour changed its hue to a brilliant amethyst
and it sparkled in the reflections of the morning dew
and under the clarion trumpeting of angels
their wings beating a gale force
so furious that it shook the heavens and the earth
the horn took form
unlike any other being that had ever lived
it grew into a being
one that was flesh and bone
and that beated
with the primal call of nature
and this horn on the top
it grew
from out his head
the tip of the top
that outpouring of all that is good in the world
and it sat there for 1000 years
and to this day
the kelsey still has the beast
and we call him
mr. singe
the end


Cavalcadeofcats said...

I'd never realized that Kelsey was so... primal! Most impressive.

King Kessler said...