Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Cats and Crocodiles.

Cats and crocodiles.

Both begin with the same letter.

Both are animals.

Both have teeth with which they may rip, tear, etc.

But only cats are adorable.

And soft, and furry, and lovable.

(I am petting a cat right now.)

There are other factors to consider. Crocodiles can kill far more effectively. Also, they may disguise themselves as logs, which cats find a difficult task to accomplish. (They are too small.) Also, they have a cold-blooded, dispassionate hatred of all living things! Cats, at most, have a hot-blooded, muddled hatred of all living things. This is very different.

I like cats more, but I would never deny that crocodiles are a valid competitor.

Consider the matter, if you would. Form your own opinions on the matter. The tourney will be held this Saturday. Come prepared.

EDIT: A commenter notes that crocodiles can also be wielded as weapons. This does not tip the balance in their favor but it is a significant point.


King Kessler said...

It's worth noting that crocodiles can be weilded as weapons. Potentially by each other!

Cavalcadeofcats said...

That is... a very good point. Duly noted.