Tuesday, January 15, 2008


This office is increasingly worried. Our best efforts to sponsor only deserving works, containing suitable content, have gone astray repeatedly. In light of this, we have decided to sponsor a new author, on the stipulation that he will include absolutely none of the content we have objected to recently - most especially death, to counter our previous oversight. The results are below.

Oh, our world is great
oh yeah
so great
Gonna have a good time
oh yeah
all day
all night
(but not in bed)
(not allowed)
the man
he's keeping us down
telling us what to do
what to write
how to think
what to see
who to be
(the man! the man!)
(who's the man?)
(you're the man!)
no sex
no children
no emotion
no death
(no death!)
(no death?)
(what does it mean?)
the streets overflow
the bread lines are endless
too many people
too many
too many!
people on the ground
on the sea
in the sky
nothing but people
who can never die!
never die!

(not Never Die.)

(Though that's good too.)

Immortality without end!

The horror! The horror!

Mr. Kurtz! He alive!


1 comment:

King Kessler said...

An excellent end to an excellent series! Also a reference to a book I haven't read.