Tuesday, January 29, 2008

SAVE THE BLAG DAY 2: Supper on the Terrace

Some time earlier, my dear friend James Munroe Callahan and I were having supper on the terrace. It was a lovely evening, and as the sun crossed the horizon, I felt a chill at my temples.

Feeling cold, I looked down. Then I saw, on the floor, a set of odd wires. I followed them to their source with my eyes while picking at my shrimp. At one end was a sort of tiny device that I supposed to be some manner of transmitter or receiver, owing to its large antenna. At the other end was a bomb.

I at once arose and, quite agitated, shouted. "Oh my God! J.C.! It' s a bomb!"

J.C. himself arose. Looking at the device, he, too, exclaimed, "A bomb!"

I gained my head quickly. Examining the device, I informed Mr. Callahan, "It's remote controlled. Hold on."

J.C. himself had no such restraint. Looking at me, he shouted, "Get out of there!"

I did no such thing. Instead, fiddling, I announced: "Just have to pull this wire. There. Relax. I disabled the detonator. We can toss it in the trash when we clean up after supper."

From there we finished our supper. The shrimp had acquired a bit of a metallic taste, tragically, but the rice and naan was still delicious, and the yoghurt had lost nothing for the wait. All in all, a lovely evening.


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King Kessler said...

The first thing I did was wonder how you found the YouTube video in the first place.