Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Cool Thing Report!

To bring in the new year, a list of a few things that were cool last year, in no order whatsoever. If I linked, I would die.

Girl Genius! (wooo)
Series of Tubes?
Rock Paper Shotgun
Dwarf Fortress (I'm probably going to blag this at some point)
Skin Horse (just barely! I think it started yesterday?)
Dresden Codak
College (okay that is anti-cool nevermind)
Starslip Crisis (did some very cool stuff)
Mr. Singe
Halo 3
Blue Dragon
Native American Trickster Tales
Chipotle (I wonder how unhealthy it is?)
Smash Bros Dojo (sort of, sometimes, I guess)
The number '7'
Wiki! (Wiki' and their spread. Yes, the ' is intentional.)
Chemistry: The Central Science (because)
Octopus Pie (but, like Achewood, I have no idea why)
Goats! (He did it! I can't believe he did it!)
That Kotor 2 thing I've been mentioning in every post today (maybe it'll be a common thread for the day?)
Othar Trygvassen! (I already mentioned Girl Genius, so this is sort of cheating, but he is so awesome that he gets to cheat.)
The Non-Adventures of Wonderella
xkcd (except when it was a little lame)
Narbonic reruns! wooo
Fall of the Music Industry (what fools these record executives be!)
Fall of Vista (I laugh at your DRM OS!)
Peace in Nepal? (See, I bet you didn't even know there was anything going on there.)
My brother stabbing people
Super Mario Galaxy
Other cool video games (there were tons, but my memory sucks)
oh also DEATH WORM
Every single get-together
The League of Desmond (woooooooooooooo)
And readers like you.
The end! (yes, this is in the list)

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King Kessler said...

Woohoo, I finished Wondrella and Skin Horse today on David Malki ! and your recommendations, respectively!

Also: Goats?