Friday, December 12, 2008

Visual Adjunct to "As Regards Organs"

Compelled to model the castle described in the story, I've been spending the last few days working on it. It's surprisingly time-consuming! Here are some in-progress shots:

As I have already informed certain individuals, the loveliest looking thing in this screenshot - the tree - is from the Internet. (Also, note the balloon and castle.)

From when I was adding windows to the castle. Some of them are darker than others - those had shutters on them. Seemed nifty, but turned out to be somewhat underwhelming in effect. Also, the structure partially visible to the left is an early version of the spiral stairway mentioned in the story. I had a tremendous amount of difficulty making that stairway; still, when it all came together, the results were glorious.

Er. Not much to say about this. Essentially, when working on the organ room, I discovered that the offset tool in Sketchup could do some very weird things. Like send giant spikes shooting into the sky.

The spiral staircase! Screenshot taken just after I got the underlying technique working. An earlier, failed version is visible on the left.

And here are some pictures of the organ-room, which is about as finished as it is going to get.

Friezes are mentioned in the story; those would be visible here but for technical limitations. (They would be prohibitively difficult to add in the program I'm using.) Alas.

Also, here is a man with a beard:

And here is Tim Wu.

He doesn't like you very much, I think.

What a shame.

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