Friday, December 12, 2008

The Misadventures of the Fresh Prince of Dartmouth-Air

this is a story
all about how
my life got fliped turned
outside dwon
o yea
i did not sleep
one night
and like
my 'floormates'
and i went out
for breafast
in like the early morning
and i saw
that womon
and she was going to the same restaurent
with a sweet dude
he was me
in an alternate deminsion
and i talked to the dude
but i did not say hullo to the womon
i was like "im too good for you"
but then she said hullo to me
and then my starategy did not work
then i went back and i watched some dudes play "grand theft aoutos"
on the "play-station"
fter that
i saw the womon and dudeman
go to the bus together
and then
they were like
having sex
on the road
i went after them
because i thought that the womon would not go on the sam buss
as him
and i could "chill" with them
as the waited
but then the bus overtook me
as i ran
across the starry sky
and i was like
that guy
who got throw in a lava
and then his wife died
and he had to have a body suit
so liek
i stood across the platform
waiting for that womon to come back
and i waited
for like
half in hour
and it was could
so like
she did not come out
and i was sad
and then
i cried "nooooooooooo"
then i was the last one
to leave my dormitory
so it was creepy in there
and then the dormotories closed
and i had to go to the "Commonplace"
and i watched
a documentary
about ninjas
and there was an old white guy
who claimed to be a "ninja master"
and then
i went on the bus
and i talked to this guy
who was like a physist or something
and he told me
"quantom mecahincs"
and then
i went to the aerodrome
and then
i waited for a while
and my plane was de-layed
i talked to this womon at the aerodrome
but she was not that hot
but she told me where she lived
and like
she told me to come for a
"good time"
the last part
in not true

and then
i got on the plane
and it was pretty boring
i saw a televsion show thta
was pretty funny
and in san fronsico
they have boxes in the bathrooms
where you can deposit used needles

A stirring adventure, from our beloved Fresh Prince of Dartmouth-Air!

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