Friday, December 12, 2008


The final final - over. The last, dying breath of the quarter, exhaled - and gone.

(To wax poetical.)

There is a joy in it - a terrible and glorious joy, as makes the eyes sparkle and burn - having completed the last trial, surmounted the last challenge, being done. There is a wistfulness, too - being done with something, finished forever. The only "first quarter of college" one will ever have... but that is sentimentalist rot of the worst sort.

In any case: I am done with all my finals. They were not as hard as I expected. Nor as easy as I hoped.

That is probably as it should be.

Here is some minifiction:

Robert leapt across the chasm, sword in hand. His archfoe, Abhinay, met him on the other side. "So, you have something to prove?" Abhinay asked, his voice dripping with scorn.

"Funny," Robert retorted. "That's what she said."

Abhinay looked at him.

"Last night," Robert expounded.

Abhinay continued to look at him.

"In bed," Robert further explained.

Abhinay raised one eyebrow.

"Your mum," Robert finally ejaculated, disgusted at his opponent's failure to recognize the obvious.

Abhinay paused, and then began to shake, enraged. "WAAAAAAAAAGH!" he cried, and cast himself at Robert.

Robert stepped aside, and watched Abhinay plummet.

"That was fun," he remarked. "I'd never realized that unbearably corny insults could be weaponized."

"Live and learn," he shrugged.

Then Abhinay rose from the abyss atop a giant bat with burning red eyes!

This would be a challenge.