Friday, December 12, 2008


On the tenth day, the Nikolas went to the study-hall; he did not quiver, nor was he afraid. His departure was tardy, and he feared that he might have erred; but through exhausting himself for the sake of swift travel, the Nikolas arrived with time to spare, though few seats yet remained in the study hall by the time of his entry into it. He sat down and worked for a time, less than many other, though not less than all; he wracked his brain and cursed his errors, and made at least one terrible mistake; but in the end he exited the hall, and feasted upon milk and honey, to celebrate his victory.

On the eleventh day, the Nikolas went to the basement-lair; he did not quiver, nor was he afraid. He arrived just when he desired to, and watched with amusement the nervousness of his peers; his actions were swift and certain, like those of the master craftsman. He worked for a time, and then departed, sooner than most, later than some; his arrogance was as that of the lion.

On the twelfth day, the Nikolas waits; soon he shall go to the lecture-torium. He quivers, alternately with fear and rage; for this is the thing that he hates most. His only comfort is thoughts of time past, and knowledge that, soon, it shall all be over.

Wish the Nikolas luck, ye merry wanderers; wish him luck, for he may need it.

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