Wednesday, December 24, 2008


How did the ice-man get his ice-beard?

It is like this.

Once, he had no beard.

He was not even an ice-man!

He was just a boulder, sitting above a little stream in a Utah park near the town of American Fork. As boulders go, he was pretty happy.

Then winter came.

Snow covered him, deeper and deeper. He became a man of ice!

This surprised him a little, but he continued his many duties unfazed.

(It's hard, being an immobile, inert object. Try it! You won't be able to last long.)

Then the snow began to creep down to the water. The water melted it! Then it re-froze. Again and again!

It became a snow-beard, for the ice-man!

That is how science explains it.

Irrationality would explain it differently! There might be elves, and pirates, and space elf space pirates, all engaged in an epic battle against the Lord of Darkness, the Cacodemon King.

But no-one likes irrationality!

So that is the end of our tale.

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Calvacadeofcats said...

a most rational and empyrical inotation, likely influensed by haloucenigenic droughs