Sunday, December 21, 2008

An Advertisement

In an attempt to control costs (sadly necessary in the current economic crisis), this fine blagoinstitution has been forced to accept commissioned posts to support itself. Here is the first: an advertisement for the fine book Parenting Teens with Love and Logic, by Foster Cline, M.D., and Jim Fay. Feel free to applaud regularly as we continue.

Parenting with Love and Logic! A thousand lessons in one book! In just a few pages, look at what it teaches!


"I've always been impressed with how clean, bright, and shiny [petri dishes] look on the outside. They really sparkle on the outside. But wow, the ick that grows on the inside! The scum, the scuz! When I look at folks, I realize that no matter how spiffy they look on the outside, there are a bunch of folks who are walking petri dishes."


"Those darn venereal diseases have wiped out whole cultures of people. Whole populations. Shoot, the Black Death in the Middle Ages only killed half the people!"

Reproductive Biology!

"When young girls have sex early, the darn bugs have a lot more time to gnaw away at the cervix of the uterus; they can make it pretty ragged, you know."

And more!

"The sperm have a real challenge. When things get a little ragged in there, the sperm have a hard time getting in the door and up the escalator of the fallopian tubes. It gets too crowded with bugs and scar tissue. So fertility clinics are pretty busy helping women having babies all sorts of ways because it is so difficult the old-fashioned way."

The educational value is unbounded! Order today!

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