Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Nikolaus party

On an exceptionally hot evening early in July a young man came out of the garret in which he lodged in Nikolaus Place and walked toward the centre for Nikolaus-parties, whereupon he disembarked on his horse-drawn carriage, and (though he was sharply dressed, with garters and coulettes, and a waistcoat, and a cravat, and a top-hat) was quite boorish, and churlish, and a philistine, and a Visigoth, and he knocked on the front door of the summer palace of the Rat-King's good friends and wartime comrades, and he came into the grand anteroom, and it was great in size, for it was at least 300 cubits long, and the same wide, and the same high, and there were chandeliers, and oil-lamps on the walls, in sconces, and the whole room was decorated in the manner of the baroque style, and there were frescoes painted on every wall, such that Mr. Nikolaus felt immersed in the scenes which they depicted, and there were many tables laden with white linens, and atop all of them were serving plates of gold, and there were many delicacies from all the world, such that one need only traverse from one table to another table, so that one may move from one continent to another, and there were at least 75 varieties of grass-jelly, and the floor was marbled, and his boots (freshly polished) shone in the opalescence that came from it, and he was very impressed at the settings for this Nikolaus-party.

And upon his entrance it came to pass that ten valets, and ten maids, and ten virgins came to accost him, and accuse him, and aggress him, and they were pleasant in their manner, such that Mr. Nikolaus was greatly pleased, and they showed him into the drawing-room, and then into the parlour, each more wonderful than the last, and when he had reached the parlour, the host, Mr. Nikolaus, he came and played card-games with him, and smoked cigars, and drank brandy, and it was good.

And then, it being a party of good Russian men, a brawl occurred, on the dance floor, Mr. Nikolaus being severely outmatched by his comrades, for they had much experience at these parties, and were indeed operating at a higher level then Mr. Nikolaus, and yet, it was good, and Mr. Nikolaus declared that it was "Fun", and he aspired to invite more people to the festivities the next time, and it was good.

And, being lost amid the merriment and the drunken swagger of the populace, the men did sing a traditional Russian Christmas carol:

Услыхав судьбы призыв,
Не трусь, пока ты жив!
Пусть трепещет стадион:
Играет чемпион!
В путь смелее, пробил час,
Недруг пусть боится нас,
Ведь победный светит знак,
Друг другу брату брат!

Покемон, мы сможем всё: ты и я!
Весь мир спасенья ждёт
Покемон, о приятель мой,
Мы вступаем в ратный бой
Покемон, ведь в этот миг,
Послужит отвага нам,
В путь со мной ты с дружбою,
Покемон! Ты всех собрал, ты всех собрал...


Cavalcadeofcats said...

The first sentence is entirely correct. Everything after it is false.

Also, I really should learn how to sing that.

King Kessler said...

The atmosphere depicted is so rich!