Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Dream Gone Wrong

It was a golden age for Man. In a thousand silver-hulled starships, Earth's children left her, suspended on tails of fire. With most of them gone, Earth became tranquil; peaceful. For a time, there was no war.

Then something happened. The Bee came; an engine of destruction and slavery. It was named so for its shape, that of a honeycomb, filled with a false honey. But it was far more powerful - and malevolent - than any bee that had been before.

The war against it lasted generations. Humanity was all but annihilated. When the final blow was struck against the last, pathetic remnants of the Bee, less than a score of humans were left.

Those that could abandoned ancient Terra, seizing the few starships left on Earth to follow the rest of Man to the stars. But there were not enough for everyone; two stayed behind, a man and a woman. As the scene zooms out, leaving them standing in the lush lands outside the Bee's last fortress, they kiss.

The scene turns to the Moon, where some of the survivors stand, inside an encampment that dates to before the war with the Bee. They are either resting before their final journey, or have had their craft fail (for lack of fuel or parts), and were forced here. Either way, they seem at peace as they watch their brethren glide majestically outwards, into the blackness of night. One by one, they vanish.

Only one or two ships are still visible when, without warning, a great flotilla of new ships appear, startlingly close. Many of them appear nearly identical to the ships of the Diaspora; others are remarkably different in design. The hearts of the survivors' leap. Could it be that the children of Earth return at last to help their brothers?

Then beams of a dozen colours lash out, ripping the stragglers' ships apart, then turning to those on the moon. As the moon-bound survivors scream and panic, metal pods land, cracking open to reveal robots with deadly armament. They slaughter under a blue sky as the survivors attempt to fight back (largely in vain) and the camera turns away. Earth above is pristine, untouched by the attacks.

And there it ends. This is somewhat edited - in particular, I forgot most of the details of the war with the Bee, and in fact had to make up that name for this post - but that was my latest dream. It was odd enough that I just had to share it with you.

Also note that the whole thing was super "campy", reminiscent of older sci-fi. The space-ships were long and drawn out with cylinders on the end, very much an older style. (Brief investigation finds that the ships looked sort of like longer Atlases.) Also, there were visible beams in space, the robots were unintentionally ridiculous, and for no apparent reason, the moon's atmosphere turned blue in the middle of the fight. (Even as I dreamed, I noticed that, commenting to myself that whoever was directing this must have forgotten where it was taking place.)

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King Kessler said...

Someone has got to teach that guy the first thing about the moon's atmosphere. (Hint: or lack thereof)