Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Brothers Karamazov

olo olo olo

they are
the penis brothers
they sing a song
to you
"we have come
"to wassail you
"to a restful slumber
"harken to this tale
"of an epic adventure
"it started in the woodlands
"they were inhabited by wood-elves
"and they danced and gamboled around in the night
"and they were indeed good
"and beautaceous
"and wonderful and fair
"and fine, and wearing revelaing outfits
"and one day the rat king galgamoth came
"and he said,
"the woodlands shall be all mine,
"and mine alone
"so that i may frolick in them
"and do joyful leaps
"and gambol around the campfire
"when no-one is looking
"and he came in his aeroplane
"and the he said,
"hear me o sexacous wood-elves
"though you may be hot
"and beautaceous
"and fair and gentle and kind, and full of merry-making
"i will proclaim myslef gouverner of the lands
"and evict you immediately henceforth
"and then the wood-elves, fearful of the rat-king
"scattered into the nearby lands
"and one of them was particulalry hot
"and clever and quick
"and this one crossed over the rivers
"until the town was in sight
"and she said
"yea, this shall be my new towne
"until the rat-king is slain
"and then she went
"and fornicated with many peoples
"as a prostitute
"but that life was unfufilling
"so she settled down with the money she had made
"and found a man who loved her
"and was devoted, and loyal, and good
"and full of merry-making
"and they lived in a town by the sea
"and one day,
"after the sun had set
"and the night vapours carried the secents of love
"and romance, and mystique
"they had sex
"and it was goode
"because it was the most passionate
"and beautaceous, and consummate
"in the history of the world
"at least to them it was
"for it enveloped them
"in bliss
"and joy, and mirth, and satisafction
"and when they were through
"the light peaked over the mountains
"and you could see the birds
"chirping and the townsfolk even happier"
"they were full of merry making
"for they knew some good thing had happened last night
"and they were blissful for nearly a year
"and that is how you were born!
"the end"

olo olo olo

and then
the penis brothers danced out
and the kelsey slept a great sleep
and the next morning he awoke
and he found a hot womon
and he had sex

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Cavalcadeofcats said...

How romantic!

I think it's the "olo olo olo"s that really make this post.