Thursday, February 14, 2008


Lo, it was a time of change, and many people did travel to the land of the Matthias, wherein lurked that fellow. Lo, did the Kelsey travel, and the David, and the Roland, and the Nikolaus, and the Lyndis, who did not have a sword. And it wasse goode.

And they did prance, and cavort, and whirl about merrily. And it wasse good.

And Picard did draw a smiley face on a warp core breach. And it wasse goode.

And wasse the air filled with the venoms, and the fumes, and the acids, and the bases, and the baseballs, of misogyny, and the Nikolaus was muchly sickened, and he did explode, and was no more. And it wasse goode.

And the David did behold the Son of God, and there was light, and avacados. All celebrated, and pranced about in song and joy. And the David did explode, and was no more. And it wasse goode.

And there was an interview, and the Nikolaus was the Matthew, and the Matthew was the Nikolaus, and he was a she, and the David did explode, and did seclude himself. Then did the Nikolaus become as a ghost, and make noises, and sometimes be seen, so I guess perhaps he was a poltergeist, or not a ghost at all, and he did leave in dark of night.

So was the departure of Matthias from the lands of Men known, and all did weep bitter tears at his passing. And it wasse goode.

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King Kessler said...

How did you know that he was a she?