Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Fatal Irony

Lo, there was once a David, and a Nikolas. And lo, the Nikolas did tell the David many stories, of his life, and those around him, and he did disclose secrets unto him, and valuable information, and wisdom, and corporate documents, and espionage, and sabotage, and explosives in the enemy base, and the David did dance, and cavort, so filled was he with joy, and frolicksomeness, and general pleasure, for he did love no thing more than to listen to the stories and the wisdom of the Nikolas, for he was rad.

But then the David did decide that the Nikolas's knowledge ought be written of; so he did, and made many a blag post of these disclosures. And it was so.

But the Nikolas was surprised. "O David!" he cried. "These things are false, and slanderous, and not true at all! Also, some of that was secret, and not true, except for the parts that were!"

And it was good.