Thursday, February 28, 2008

Imaginary Conversation

Not sure if this belongs on the blag. There are worse things, I suppose.

1: Oh, I'm terrible at shaving "down there". You know.
2: "Down there".
1: Yes. It's a big problem, very annoying, very unsightly.
2: You know, most men don't shave "down there".
1: Really? Most guys I see - well, if they don't, then they must be just naturally much better groomed than I.
2: many guys do you see "down there?"
1: Well - I'm only in high school, so not SO many, I suppose.
2: SO many? Hasn't your mother taught you better?
1: Taught me better what? She's been against my beard from the beginning, much less FURTHER extension!
2: What?
1: What?
2: ...have you been referring to neck hair for this entire discussion?
1: Why? What have you been talking about?
2: ...I choose to pretend this discussion never happened.


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