Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Maths and a Nikolas

there was a nikolas in the field and he took the lives of many men
and then they came together and tied him up
and they ran him around

one day a Nikolas came into the room, whereupon at least 10 womons surrounded him and accosted him with many fine gifts and bartered for him with sticks, and one by one he went up to them and violated them

on the next day the Nikolas created the world

On a monday night a Nikolas and his company came upon the maths club, where there were many bustling activities, and they did cram into a small room, such that the men and the womoen were touching in very embarrasing ways, such that the room measured no longer than 10 cubits across, and the depth was the same, and the height taller by ony 3 cubits, and reserving room for the professor, each man was pressed up against at least 3 omeons, and they were indeed pleased, and satisifted, and pleasured, and it was good.

And then the maths commenced, and there was much rejoicing, and celebrating, and crying about, and wailing, and Nikodim came up to the front and drew obsecne likenesses of the paritcipants on the white-board, and they were very much insulted, such that they took revenges upon him by copulating many times, in his sight, yet without his participation, such that he was very much tempted, though, being a gentle-man, did not intrude upon them, for the was the way of an educated man, and it was good.

And it came to pass, that the Nikolas, after the fiasco, resumed his seat, in the heat of the den, and they did the maths some more, and then had a ploughman's lunch, and cold pickles, and mead, and rum, and they did take a siesta, and after this, they did take more maths, and it was good.

And it came to pas, that the Nikolas, seeing many wonderful mathes structures, did merrily come, and do good things to them, and bad things, and he did violate them, and he did derive much pleasuyre from them, and it was good.


Cavalcadeofcats said...

David was day-dreaming during the Maths club.

King Kessler said...

The setup here is excellent. You start with a hook, give a longer setup, then give a second hook, more concise and more interesting, then jump into the story. Genius!