Sunday, November 18, 2007

Like A Typical Blog Post

What happened to a Nikolas today?

In the morning, a Nikolas played video games and internet'd.

In the noon, a Nikolas visited the Sainted Franciscans, in whose demense he did prance, and wear a hat, and talk to many relatives, roughly one-half of the assembled body of whom he knew the name of.

He did speak to his elderly grand-father and grand-mother, who are well-off, and frequently nice.

He did speak to his aunt, who is a scientist/teacher, and awesome.

He did speak to his cousins, one of whom wants to steal his car.

Also he ate lunch (it was okay) and watched his brother play decade-old game boy games on his state-of-the-art Macbook Pro.

Then, after a failed attempt to watch Turkish Star Wars (worst/best movie of all time, or at least the 80s), he went home.

And it wasse goode.

What did not happen to a Nikolas today?

He was not kidnapped by radioactive gazelles, furious at their long imprisonment in the Chernobyl "radioactive hazard zone"/supernatural Soviet gulag.

He was not given the power of teleportation by a whimsical transhuman, using it to gain great wealth and power before being shot by a jealous husband in a moment of weakness.

He was not enlightened by the word of the Buddha, rising bodily off the flawed and mortal Earth and sitting beside Devadatta on the Many-Spoked Wheel.

Maybe tomorrow!


Fisherdude said...

This is boring, return to telling stories that never really end, they just go on and on and then you get bored of them

Cavalcadeofcats said...


I never really posted those.

Perhaps another time.

(Jason Jones was killed because Kelsey and David and Devin all said that they no longer loved him. He may return.)